Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garbage Wars

Over six weeks this garbage war went on. I have to warn you it gets really ugly towards the end. For the record the reason I did not take out this garbage is because we separate our garbage and I was sick of taking out his trash.

This was towards the beginning of the battle. The plate next to it is one of my dishes he broke and later threw it across the room. This is maybe two weeks in to the battle.
Ugh just a close up of some of the nasty shit he eats and what was liquefying.
After awhile he ran out of room in the garbage that was literally bursting at the seams and just started throwing it next to the bag.
So I finally tied the way over stuffed bag closed and then bagged his trash that was covering the floor and set it in front of his door. He came home and placed it back in the kitchen. I saw this and placed it in front of his door again. He kicked it over and later placed it back in the kitchen.(week 6)
After weeks of this garbage I realized that I would have to resort to not typical tactics and then it hit me that public humiliation might help me win the very long smelly battle. So to play fair I made this darling sign (purple is where I blurred his name out.) and left the bag inside the apartment so he would have time to take it out. After giving him ample time to take it out I sat the bag outside our front door.( I lost the pictures of the bag sitting on the front stoop sorry!)

That evening when he came home he grabbed my sign and went to his room and tore it up. He quickly came out of his room flung the front door open and placed this sign on the garbage. So the bag that once had his name on it now had this sign on it. Not only does this prove how insecure and immature he is but also proves what an idiot he is. He should of put my name on it at least. I quickly took his sign down because he had already offended my friend and I was worried he had offended our neighbors. I then re made my sign and set it on the bag and left. Later that night when I got home he had brought the garbage in and took the sign.

The following day he took his trash out. It wasn't a smooth war and I feel that in the end I suffered through six plus weeks of disgustingly smelly trash and when he finally took the trash out that second bag was left behind filling up quickly and it looks to me as if there will be another long battle ahead. The evening before he took his trash out he threw butter and a knife across the kitchen destroying the freshly cleaned counters.


Erick said...

Oh wow... I think by about week 3 I would have put it into his room. But by week 6, I would have taken said garbage and emptied it on his bed, making sure to use the pillow case for the mushy stuff....
Well maybe i wouldn't, but damn I would want too.

Anonymous said...

The tags on the blog are the best. I especially like the "War" tag.
I am excited for the upcoming blog telling the events of tonight.