Friday, September 26, 2008

Sorry For The Lack Of Post

So it was an interesting summer. I mostly had a break from the weirdo but every once in awhile he would show up here. Mostly just to keep me on edge I believe. He did a lot of weird stuff that I should of blogged about but for the most part I was over it.

I now have a new roommate and we have transformed the apartment from icky to wonderful. She's of course not a roommate from hell and I wont be blogging about her. However it seems we have some rude weird neighbors living below us. I am thinking about either now focusing this blog on them or creating a new one. You can def give me your opinion.

So on a hoorah and a new beginning I thought I would share one last roommate story with you guys. My new roommate and I went to run the dishwasher and she noticed a large pool of yellow liquid in the bottom of the dishwasher. I instantly thought ewww pee. But we removed all the dishes and started the dishwasher to see if the substance would drain. However it turned out to be an entire bottle of dish soap mixed with water. His last sticking it to me and crazy move was to flood the apartment in a bubble fest. Honestly for as crazy as he became i thought he would of been more creative. But I give him props for what could of been a real disaster.

So let me know if you think I should post on here or create a new one. Sorry I didn't post more this summer.