Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Alright because I know my roommate is a creep as is his family I am going to try and keep this anonymous. So hopefully you guys do the same. I feel so weird I am blogging. haha me a blogger who wuda thunk it?
So this blog will be about all the wonderful times I have with my roommate up until august 30th. I wish I would of started this earlier because we have def missed out on some gold mine stories. I will prob post everyday haha maybe more than once you never know. Sometimes there will be pictures but i can promise you they will disgusted you. Of only i could some how trap the smell that my roommate creates and share it with you. It's terrible.
I really hope that my blog will make people laugh and also give them a chance to share their stories. I hope we keep this blog fun and light but I know sometimes it feels amazing to just bitch. So this is you safe spot to do as you please!!
To answer some common questions:
Q: Why don't you move out?
A: My roommate and I are contracted in to our own bedrooms and I can not break the lease and it is too late in the year to try and sub lease.
Q: Why did you move in with this guy?
A: When I first met him he was a completely different person. Throughout the years he has really changed.
Q: how long have you lived together?
A: We're going on our second year, I've known him for three.
Q: Are you sexually attracted to your roommate/Have you done anything together?
A: Heck no! He was once a brother to me and there is no sexual attraction at all!
Alright so just remember leave names out of comments even if it's your own or your roommates.

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zomg i am so excited to read these.