Monday, May 26, 2008

Cupcake Story Time

Gosh I finally beat technologies bum. So it only took me two weeks 3 different computers once of which I had to take apart to get you these pictures.
So here goes... I was in the mood for German chocolate cupcakes and when I was finished I chose a nice cupcake frosted it nicely and knocked on my roommates door. There was silence. (for the record I was doing this to get a laugh not to resolve any issues. I have not gone soft.) Trying to contain my laughter I said in to his door would you like a cupcake. Now in case he thought I did something to them I was going to allow him to pick and even eat a cupcake to show him they were not contaminated. Still no response, I continued on asking him if he;d like me to leave the cupcake at his door yes? no? maybe so? At the point I was beginning to laugh and I said ok here's the deal I will leave the cupcake on the table if you want it awesome if not awesome.

I sat the cupcake on the table and left with my friend. When we arrived back he was gone and I took the time to kick a large box of his that had been in our apartment for over six months over. The box landed in front of the door. As we heard him ride up my friend flipped out and yelled I HAVE TO MOVE THE BOX. She sprang up ran to the box and tried to move it before he made it up the stairs. This of course sent us in to hysteria as she quickly tried to shove the paper in to the box. She quickly ran back to the couch and we were bent over crying with laughter when he walked in.

After awhile my friend looked at me and said what if he would of tripped over the box. We began to laugh hard once again and I said well he should of ate the cupcake. At this point we decided to leave. I had to run up to my apartment a little while after we left and I noticed that he had thrown my cookie sheet across the stove. I was annoyed and once again in need of a laugh so I chucked the cookie sheet at his door. My friend ran out the door in a blink of an eye. I hung back laughing and than left.

Later that evening I noticed that the cookie sheet had been moved to the table where the cupcake was. I was weirded out by this. Where was the cupcake? Why had he moved the pan? The more I thought about the more I began to think the pan was sitting a little strange on the table. I walked over to the pan and sure enough he had taken then cookie sheet and with all his might squashed the cupcake. I could not contain my laughter.

The cookie sheet with cupcake was moved for lighting reasons. If you are wondering yes the pan and cupcake are still sitting on the table.
This is the large box that I kicked and that has been living in my hall closet for months. Although now it's moved to the living room.

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