Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Computers and Revenge are tricky!

So I was hoping to have pictures for this post but technology has gotten the best of me. No worries though I will do a picture blog soon. However, I am dying to tell this cupcake story but it will wait until I can show you the pictures.

But on a different note this morning I slept through 4 alarm clocks! Goodness I was tired. I was thankfully woken up by my roommate throwing a tempter tantrum. He stood at his door and opened and slammed it at least six times in a row. Ok this is the part where I say what I did to lead up to this point but honestly I was sound asleep in my room. For over an hour my roommate stormed around the apartment slamming doors.

The bright side of the situation was that in his attempt to piss me off he actually made me smile and thank him because I would of missed my class and not have been able to finish my homework. Haha of course the thanks was a silent mental one.

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