Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Frozen Doughnuts Lead to Stupidity

I think it's the frozen doughnuts that have made him go completely stupid. So recently we got a seventy dollar electric bill. With the permission of my Mother I allowed him to use up a lot of the electricity but I have issues letting it go to waste and racking up a large bill. My mother pays my half of the bill so in no way does he punish me, only himself. So I thought after the large bill he'd chill with the fan,I was oh so wrong. Now he loves leaving his light on when he is not home turning the light, fan, and heat lamp on in his bathroom constantly, and now lovessssss the hallway light. IDIOT right?! Oh but it gets better. So tonight he calls the security company of our apartment and places a noise complaint. So my friend and I are watching of all things a school band thing on television. Losers right?! Anyway so there's a knock on the door and I look out the peep hole and I am like well great it's the cops but then I realized it was security so I answer find my ID I am laughing but really trying to keep it in. He's being all creepy and I am trying to not slam the door on his face. Blah Blah... SO anyway he leaves I am laughing my friend leaves. This is what makes him a complete idiot. I am not moving out so I don't have to worry about my renters history but he is moving out and will need good renter's history and he fucked himself over. Not only does he now have a noise violation but also a violation because he called in on my dog. So it just shows as an apartment violation and not a person.

Sorry I know this blog sucks but I am in a hurry. But honestly the dude is the worlds biggest idiot.

There were three bags yesterday which means in under 10 hours he has ate a dozen FROZEN doughnuts.

This is what is left. yes those are frozen doughnuts and yes that is the recycling he knocked over/ threw across the counter.


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Anonymous said...

Haha if only everyone could be here with us for just one day to understand.